Client Review

Kevin Corapi
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I first met Michael years ago while house hunting in Richmond. He knew the area very well, and took me to homes I couldn’t find on zillow. He also gave me very detailed information about the homes and neighborhoods I was interested in, without asking. He was genuinely invested in helping me find the ideal home. Unfortunately, I had financing issues.
Fast forward to last week, two years after meeting Michael. This time I am looking in the Blacksburg area. We had a family friend reccomend a realtor so we went with them. It was not Michael and it was a nightmare. I could go on an exhaustively vulgar rant about the experience, but suffice it to say: I had paid for two unplanned nights in a hotel, lived 5 hours away, it was July 2nd, and I didn’t know any realtors in the area that I could trust. So as I’m searching through zillow atrempting to find a new agent to take me to showings literally the same day (it was 1:30 AM) on the week of July 4th, I figured I may as well email Michael.
Before I woke up next morning, he was already finding me a local agent. Not just combing through an online list, Michael was calling buyers agents and interviewing them to see if they were people I could trust. The only other person I know who would do that is my mother, and that’s if I got her something particularly nice for mothers day. Avoid the headaches, get someone you can trust, get someone who is genuinely interested in helping you. Call Michael.